Are you thinking about selling your handmade product at an art and craft fair? If yes, then there are some essential things you need to keep in mind before the big day.

Art and craft fairs create the perfect window for you to showcase your products to the public. But if you are new to it or have not done it before, it may seem overwhelming, knowing how to prepare.


Do your research

Think deeply if the fair or market would suit your products. Consider visiting a local craft fair to size up your competition. Find out how much traders are willing to sell products that are just like yours. Do your online and offline research to find out as much as you can about the fair.

It may not really be wise for you to showcase your products at big craft fairs. This is because they are usually oversubscribed. To avoid disappointment, it is important that you apply to smaller local markets. You will have an opportunity to test the waters, before moving to the bigger fairs and markets.


Prepare your stock

It is better to showcase only a handful of high-quality products. Overloading your stall with a lot of products (low quality) is not really a good idea. If you can, offer your product in different variety and prices.

It is usually very difficult to determine the number of products to bring to your first fair or market. As you go on you will find it easier to adjust your stock level. You will also find out the products that are popular and trending.

Set a realistic target of what you would like to sell. If you can, bring extra products, just in case.



You don’t need to spend a lot of money to brand your business. Branding can start as a business card or a logo. You can take it further by writing a short description of your products and the story behind your brand. Use materials and colors that compliment your products.





Promote the event you plan to sell your products on social media, tell family, friends or relatives that may be interested in buying your products. Post wonderful pictures, to build up excitement.


Final note

If you apply the tips in this article, things are going to go smoothly on the day of the craft fair.

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