Despite the fact that a lot of people now use their phones as their alarm clock, there is still a need to have a real alarm clock beside your bed. You likely may need an alarm clock that has a couple of amazing features for a cheap price.

Using a cell phone as your alarm clock

Your cell phone can effectively play the role of your alarm clock, but you may not want to use your cell phone as your alarm clock because you might be tempted to start answering emails, IMs, update your social media status and so no.

Many people love checking their social media account all the time, but it is better to check it occasionally so that it does not invade every area of your life.

Next, we are going to be looking at some amazing alarm clock you should consider purchasing.

TimeSquared LED alarm clock

It was very difficult to get this clock a few of months ago. Presently, you can get this clock for 36 to 50 dollars on Amazon. The number one reason why you should purchase this clock is that it is easily visible at night. You are likely going to love the way the numerals are arranged.

Wooden Alarm clock

You can create the stylish design of this clock with wood. Or better still you can purchase it in a local mall or market close to you. This elegant wood case can make your old clock look a whole lot better.

Sony’s projection alarm clock

This is another amazing clock that is affordable and durable. Many have likened this clock to a technology from another time. And this is because it projects the time on to the wall. This makes it very easy to read especially in the dark. If you are looking for something unique, then you should consider getting this clock.


Philips wake up light

The alarm system on this clock is amazing. A light is triggered by the alarm clock that will slowly brighten up and trigger a hormone in your body that will make you want to get out of your bed. There is a backup alarm that works alongside with the light.

Final note

Clocks are still important. So, if you want you to sleep well and wake up on time, then you should consider getting an alarm clock.

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