In today’s throw away world it is important to remember that there are recycling facilities all around us. One such industry with huge production is the automotive one. By taking a walk in a local car removal scrap yard I was able to quickly encounter the a timeline of automotive clocks.

The Good Old Days

Automotive scrap yards are places of forgotten times. Some say ones trash is another’s treasure but with the rapid growth of cars, technology and production it is all too easy for pieces to get lost in time.

Clocks to have changed in cars and other devices over the years and decades. Take for example the older style analogue clocks and dials found in the first production cars. While analogue watches are still popular these days cars are becoming more digital. This is a trend towards driver-less technology and helps with tracing back records for accidents or mishaps.

Much like a black box for a plane cars too are becoming more digital for this purpose. Take a look in a modern car and you will see all digital screens including the clock and other measuring and tracking items.

Take Some Time Out For Yourself

As I mentioned I love going to automotive junk yards. They are full of older style technologies and components. Clocks are not a sort after piece from many vehicles so you can often pick them up for pennies. For the scrap yard owner they will be happy that someone is removing their junk even if it is only small pieces at a time.

Where do you find yourself drifting in search for inspiration? There are many industries where technology is timeless or aged. Find these forgotten areas such as junk yards or recycling centres and breed new life into old trends.

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